I love emojis a lot. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones.

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Microsoft Windows 11 emojis

Flat colors and lineless, just the way I like it. The saturation of this version makes it really pop! Combined with the solid black outline on every emoji, it feels like a charming 'take it or leave it' branding on each one.

Compare this visual brand to the modern Apple and Samsung emojis with their shading and upper left light source - there's no recognizable art style that distinguishes them from each other unless you're already a user. The black outline is a riskier move - and when I first started using it, I thought it was a little gauche - but it really pays off.

This set is very geometric - look at all the straight lines and quarter circles! They did a wonderful job stylizing this snake to adhere to its design rules while making it feel alive and vibrant.

The same applies for this shrimp - here we see that, to get its signature head shape, they combined a short straight line and an interrupted quarter circle. Even its little legs are geometric. They put a lot of detail into a tight shape and finished it by giving it its cute, iconic silhouette. I love her.

A perfect circle and a fantastic slip of a leaf and stem. The four accent circles are the icing on the cake.

"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."
- Futurama

LOOK at the beveled edges of this waffle! This is peak geometry, to the point it feels like brutalist architecture captured in a bite-sized form.

I love how the design team played with silhouettes so much, especially in scenic emojis too. The moon viewing ceremony emoji is often a square with the empty space filled with navy blue to indicate the night sky. Here, the choice was made to omit it entirely to put focus to the wheat stalks swaying in the wind, evoking the image of a grass ocean with its rustling waves. It's so poetic.

Honorable mentions

We see another instance of the design team doing the most with the small canvas. This squid has 8 - count 'em - limbs all arranged neatly framing the head. It wins points for being detailed enough to differentiate its 2 tentacles from its 6 arms and the accent spots on its head, but ultimately loses to the shrimp for not being as iconic. Sorry squid, you don't star in any tempuras I've eaten.

This site's favicon! I think its silhouette (I'm all about the silhouette!) is more dynamic than the tangerine's, but I have to admit I just love how the tangerine uses all unique shape elements, whereas the lemon is just a stouter leaf in shape.

Again with the silhouette - they skipped the desert sunset background here because they know you know what the emoji is. And again, we see the cactus emphasized and the sun in the background, reusing the visual format of the moon viewing emoji and setting the environment with the plants. I just really really like this.

Samsung Experience 8.5 emojis

This set is unique for having smileys with an eastern cartoon slant to their expressions. The cuteness of the brimming tears in the crying emoji compared to the standardized one is unmatched. The rest - nothing too special, althought I really love the detail in the shortcake emoji - the abundance of cream, the detail in the cake decoration and strawberries... They made it so appetizing.

Such a wholesome, honest expression. This is the most human face of the smileys, the joy for life feels infectious.
So cute! The tilted head and triangle mouth expresses a swooning infatuation and innocence not seen in other heart-eyed emojis.
There sparkle in her eyes transforms this expression from an unrepetent cheeky devil to a lovable scamp.
The glistening tears gives this face so much pathos. The eyebrows also - this set turns up the degree of sympathizability with all the eyebrows!
I love the especially cartoon-esque detail of the soul escaping through the mouth. That was one of my favorite anime expressions as a kid.
A classic. I just love four-leaf clovers so much. I really like how the green deepens the closer you get to the center, and how each clover leaf is a straight-up green heart.
Honorable Mentions
Who on earth grimaces like this. I have to have this here for its sheer uniqueness.
These are the plumpest, cutest grapes I've seen. It reminds me of these grape gummies I ate all the time as a kid.
The detail on this shortcake emoji is unmatched by any other platform's, and any other version's. There's not only half-strawberry slices with a lovely, plush amount of frosting, AND the decoration on top with even more beautifully piped frosting. You can see for yourself!

Toss Face emojis

A lovely, solid lineless flat color set made by a Korean fintech company for its own platforms. It's first iteration had Korean items in place of Japanese ones, before they were redesigned to unicode emoji recommendations. The Korean item emojis were later brought back within the app's own keyboard! I wish I could send goldfish bread emojis on any platforms ngl. I guess that's one of the little privileges Japan gets for making itself the first Asian pop cultural fascination.

Another interesting sidenote about this set is that it came out in 2022, so many design choices were influenced by the modern standards of COVID safety guidelines!

Substitutions originally made

Original design -> Conformed design

Dokkaebi (Korean goblin)
traditional Korean play mask
Speaking head with mask on
->Speaking head
People zoom conferencing1
->People hugging
Food & Drink
Goldfish bread
-> Flatbread
-> Fondue
-> Rice cracker
Spicy rice cakes (tteokbboki)
-> Dango
Milk carton
-> Glass of Milk 2
Rice wine
-> Sake
-> Tropical drink
Bamboo grove
-> Tanabata tree
Bamboo shoots
-> Pine decoration
Bowing man and woman
-> Japanese dolls
Korean lucky pouch
->Red envelope
Korean traditional kite
This one wasn't changed!
Gallery picture icon
-> Framed picture
Yut nori sticks
-> Mahjong red dragon
Travel & Places
Korean post office
-> Japanese post office
Why have 2 post office emojis?
Another Korean post office
-> Post office
Korean Buddhist temple
-> Shinto shrine
Subway train
-> Locomotive
Gondola lift
-> Railway car
Korean police car
-> (American) Police car
Oncoming Korean police car
-> Oncoming (American) police car
Aerial drone
-> Auto rickshaw
Hanbok (traditional Korean dress)
-> Kimono
? what is this
-> Musical score
Phone app
-> Telephone
Message notification
-> Pager
Opened copy machine lid
-> Fax machine
-> Floppy disk
-> Abacus
Flat-screen TV
-> Television
Youtube video
-> Videocassette
Paper clipboard folder
-> Clipboard
Mouse trap
-> Mouse trap (less lethal)
Shopping basket
-> Basket
Korean won sign
-> Heavy dollar sign
Traditional medicine symbol
-> Medical Symbol
ID badge
-> Name badge
? not sure if this has cultural meaning
-> Japanese Symbol for Beginner

1: I don't know why they replaced hugging with a Zoom conference, of all things. I get their train of thought, but really, fintech people are just sociopaths, huh.
2: My elementary school used to have us drink a 1-serving milk carton every morning so it would make us taller. Each class would have two people every week on milk crate duty to bring the crates of cartons up and down from classrooms.

Beverage box designs across platforms

It's interesting to see what pictures different platforms put on their juice box emoji.

Apple Google Samsung Whatsapp Twitter
apple (duh) used to be grape, is now apple-grape-orange orange vibes, like how Caprisun does it generic approximation of a tropical blend
Facebook Sony Playstation OpenMoji Emojipedia LG
apple-pear-cherry? Has anyone drank this combo? generic citrus? heirloom tomato? (I wish) lemon... although they probably meant lemonade it's a placeholder image set, so it's just a smiley PEACH