Hello, this is ShakerboxπŸ‘‹

I try not to powerlevel too much. Any and all content here is general, anonymized, and maybe even completely made up to keep everyone on their toes. πŸ‘€ That said, I'm female and in my mid 20's.

Young enough to be very online on the internet, old enough to know better, still young enough to not do better, but I'm working on it. I witnessed the clumsy birth and rise of TTT* culture. As a result, I'm unusually well-versed in r/nosleep stories and currently despise most social medias.



Shaker boxes are neat, ornamental storage boxes that were popular a few centuries ago. They were initially prized for their design and craftmanship - distinguished by their usually oval build that allowed them to Russian-nesting-doll inside each other, and the "swallowtail" seam. They fell out of popularity when industrialization occurred and storage boxes could be cheaply mass-produced.

*TTT: Twitter-Tumblr-Tiktok. Shorthand for a culture of clout & words over sense & actions that rose to popularity and out of the guidelines of private companies who created them for maximizing profits.