Yoshiko Tsugumi 🔫💢🌿

oh vincent valentine, we're really in it now
  • Age: 26. We do see her lore from 13, 17, and 21 as well, though.
  • Height/Weight: 5'7", 133lbs | 171cm, 60kg
  • Job: manager for a plant hobbyist store
  • Skills: horiculture, sharpshooting, paintball, skeetshooting, manageral accounting, intermediate hobbyist mechanical engineering, retail service, biking
  • Likes: guns, tinkering, plants, biking,
  • Dislikes: strangers, vaccuuming, laundry
  • Personal shooting record: 273.4 yards | 250m

*pruning and propagating philodendrons in the shop backroom*

When her negging classmate confessed to her on Valentines Day, Yoshiko pulled out her BB gun and shot him multiple times. The gun got confiscated, Yoshiko got mandated anger management sessions, and learned to get more creative with Nerf guns.


She just lost her head one day, no one knows anything more concrete than that.

She's easily irritated and wears gloves all the time. She has really good aim as well as a terrible temper, so she leaves her guns at home, just in case she uh, y'know... shoots... someone.

Yoshiko lives alone with a living room full of plants and modded Nerf guns.