Vanore ⚔✨🍊

*steals your wallet and heart*
*drops the heart as a distraction*
  • Age: 25
  • Height/Weight: 5'7", 155lbs | 170cm, 70kg
  • Job: Mercenary swordswoman, jack of all trades
  • Skills: Combat with swords, daggers, hand-to-hand, etc, camping, reconnaisance, haggling, sweet-talking, persuasion, gambling
  • Likes: Oranges, beautiful women, hearty food, clear weather, spring and fall (good travel, food, and jobs)
  • Dislikes: Rain, snow, thunder, sleet, dogs, children, debts
  • Conflict resolution go-tos: Make a bigger conflict, cut-and-run, wining and dining, whining and dining, lie like a dog, just beat up the other guy

*gives you an unsubtle once-over*

Vanore discovered the power of baiting as a child, when her first teacher only took her on because she couldn't bear to see Vanore chop wood with a sword anymore.


An asshole mercenary with a heart of gold. Womanizing, infuriating, and competent-despite-everything. Vanore's making quite the name for herself on job boards and amongst saucy bar maids looking for some excitement.

She provides a wide range of services, such as bodyguarding, bounty hunting, general hard labor, etc. She's been a mercenary and hand-for-hire for more than a decade. She's had her fair share of exciting jobs and quests.

Vanore left her family during a harsh 3 years-long draught and recession, when her family placed her in an orphanage with the intention of getting her back once their orchard recovered. Nowadays, she's a free-spirited traveling mercenary who visits the farm every once in a while.

Vanore, you would've loved the lawless days of y2k imageboards, I'm sorry I stuck you in a historical fantasy...