Phyllis 🎙🤞💘

street preachers HATE her!!
doomsday theorist ghost sings tragic love songs all day!!
  • Age: 19
  • Height/Weight: 5'3", 7lbs | 160cm, 3.2kg
  • Job: she's a ghost... maybe street performer?
  • Skills: singing, guitar, lyric writing, snooping (comes with ghostliness)
  • Likes: emo and goth bands, guitar solos, floating around and through people and things, composing songs and writing lyrics
  • Dislikes: church mass, pink, stagnancy and stillness, authority figures, car crashes
  • Post-bucket list: Uncover a massive conspiracy (at LEAST on a multi city-wide level), release the album she's always been meaning to

"And now, here's A Sunday by Jimmy Eat World!"

Luckily, there's a music store within Phyl's roaming distance, so she can still go check out the latest hits, and bemoan the state of music after her death.


This is Phyllis. She goes by Phyl and she's the neighborhood ghost who's a conspiracy theorist and doomsday believer in life and in death. A lady must've caught her eye recently because she's been singing tragic love songs instead of proselytizing these days...

Phyl has no idea that the lady has been hearing her songs as of late and hums them at work.